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We lift anything concrete

Polyurethane lifting

Right for a range of surfaces

We are repair specialists for many surfaces.

Your cost-effective lifting choice

  • Economical, costing a fraction of concrete replacement

  • The work can be done in minimal time, usually in a matter of hours

  • Stabilizes the subsoil

  • Fills the void area, eliminating the penetration of water, animals and insects

  • Removes trip hazards

  • There is little or no disruption to the landscaping

Safe, New Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Our lifting alternative for stamped concrete

  • Sidewalks

  • Garage floors

  • Stoops

  • Steps

  • Driveways and aprons

  • Patios and decks

  • Pool decks

  • Roads and highways

  • Commercial building floors

  • Warehouse floors

  • Grain bins

  • City streets

Your Up-to-Date Concrete Lifting Choice

Raise Rite Concrete Lifting is the only company that offers you a choice between mudjacking and polyurethane concrete lifting.


Polyurethane is your choice if you want fewer and smaller holes drilled through your concrete surface, and lighter material pumped underneath.


In polyurethane projects we drill 5/8-inch holes - an inch smaller in diameter than for mudjacking! The weight per cubic foot is 2 lbs. of polyurethane to 100 lbs. of mudjacking material!


Polyurethane is great for raising stamped concrete, as well as other surfaces. Contact us for more information.

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